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It's dangerous in those waters

2016-04-09 01:37:49 by Sinitech

Don't forget your life vest.


2014-10-29 22:21:07 by Sinitech

that was an accident


2014-03-29 02:07:54 by Sinitech

It is real.

wow so talk

2013-07-26 14:47:21 by Sinitech

what year is it

total amaze

2013-07-18 03:39:13 by Sinitech

I actually uploaded something it is a miracle from jesus praise the lord


2013-07-12 21:36:21 by Sinitech

I once went fishing with a spear I caught like 8 fish it was pretty cool I didn't actually catch any fish though and I wasn't actually fishing and I didn't really have a spear but it was good times I wish I could go back to those times.


2013-06-19 04:46:52 by Sinitech

dis nigsas stil kixin n shit wus hapen nigs 4 rel doe shis wus pappin up in her leik 2 yer ago wud day fock men

lol wut dis is

I like bass.

2013-02-21 01:01:31 by Sinitech

Bass makes my life better.

I wish I was better at making basslines and the like.

I'll have to settle with just listening for now.

But that's alright.

Because bass.

I don't know how someone can not love bass.

i have no idea what im doing

2013-01-29 00:27:55 by Sinitech

how do i becamed cool pls tell im am not from the american states of america and it is has become to be difficult on how to learn to doing of this thx

I play minecraft and shit

2013-01-10 22:14:42 by Sinitech

video and fireworks courtesy your local neighborhood Sinitech.