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i have no idea what im doing

2013-01-29 00:27:55 by Sinitech

how do i becamed cool pls tell im am not from the american states of america and it is has become to be difficult on how to learn to doing of this thx


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2013-01-29 00:58:06

Something with women. Tits and booty.

Sinitech responds:



2013-01-29 07:11:49

Make something spectacular :D

Sinitech responds:

like wab?


2013-01-31 16:24:47

you have honored our clan

Sinitech responds:

im sensei now wob?


2013-02-09 11:05:14

do you remember when i was 12
wasnt that some shit

Sinitech responds:

I don't even remember last week bro.


2013-02-19 08:07:10

Stop eating bugs and start eating hamburgers. Don't put that in your mouth... and put on some pants, we don't take kindly to thongs on the male population and even most of the female population. Shop at Wal*Mart.

Sinitech responds:

If I can't keep wearing thongs I don't want to be here anymore