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Electrified (Instrumental) Electrified (Instrumental)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This is pretty good. The sound choice is a little odd to me, though. Particularly the hi-hat and the kick, they sound a little cheesy to me. That snare/clap could do with a *slight* bit of reverb in my opinion, just to make it sound a little less flat.

Otherwise this is a solid track, not overly complex and does what it's set out to do. I like it.

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JK-FlipFlop responds:

Well, that was helpful. Thanks for the constructive feedback.

Time In The Fair City Time In The Fair City

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is really good. I enjoyed it from start to finish. It's chill as fuck and I really like the drums and percussion. It's a satisfying listen and gave me an odd nostalgic feeling. Can't really think of anything I heard that I didn't like or thought was wrong.

This is the kind of music I like listening to.

Great track, dude.

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Land of the Living Land of the Living

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

In my opinion, whether they are FL sounds or not, your sound choice is superb here and this is structured very well. Everything meshes. This gives me kind of an '80s vibe, which is always cool to me. I've always enjoyed the melodies you come up with. The only criticism I might have is that the strings around 0:28-29 come in very suddenly and it sounded a little odd to me, but that might just be nitpicking.

Overall great track, could listen to it all day.

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nietzlawe responds:

I'm thankful of the feedback I really am. There is a frustration in that I know I can elevate the feel in the final third of the song.

When out walking, I keep playing out certain directions in my mind so that when I get back to the session I can re-edit particular segments, but then my concentration gets broken up a little bit. I wish I had a little bit more know how with the levels and mastering.

I also thought that the strings came in a little bit abruptly at 28-29. In the end I just stuck with it when I should have created a more subtle lead-in.

I'm happy you like the vibe of the track. I always try to make that the focal point, that there is a little bit of personality and intensity in the melody, however simplistic.

Dilithium Crystals Dilithium Crystals

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love everything about this, I really don't know what else to say. It's engaging and atmospheric all at once.

WilsonMcLeish responds:

Thanks Man, I appreciate the positive feedback! I hope you continue to enjoy my future works.

Pandascore Pandascore

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Doesn't really work as a loop but I like this.

Could use a little cowbell, though.

~Call Me~ ~Call Me~

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The progression is great and the sound choice is excellent, I think maybe the clap/snare could maybe have a slight touch of reverb on it, though, it's a little jarring amix the more atmospheric sounds of the rest of the beat.

This might be nitpicking, I don't know, but that bassy note that plays throughout seems to be panned way too far to the left. It was really irking me.

Otherwise, this is pretty good.

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nietzlawe responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I'll work some more on the song, and see if I can implement some of the changes you suggested. The left panning thing, that must be when I'm playing around with the Stereo Seperation effect. I'll sort that out.

After I finished making the track, I experimented a little bit more afterwards and spent some time playing with the Harmor plugin, I much preferred the vast array of sounds you can produce with the Harmor bass plugin, it's much better than Boobass, which is nothing in comparison. The problem with using Harmor, is that it's a demo version, so when you save the song, it takes the Harmor elements out, which means I have to purchase the plugin to get those aspects back into my song.

But I plan to do so.

Detroyer of Worlds Detroyer of Worlds

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's kind of repetitive and I think maybe you have the voice sample in there too often.

The wobble has a really good sound, but it noticeably cuts itself off on occasion, it could transition a little smoother.

The piano sounds alright until that lower sound comes in and makes it sound kind of spooky, and then it sounds great.

Toward the end, the bass and the piano really don't sound like they mix to me and the ending is kind of abrupt, but otherwise, it's fine.

Overall, though, It's pretty good, especially for a first.

7/10 would operate with

Otter Otter

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This is okay in most respects, but I feel like the sound that comes in at 1.40ish is panned to the left far too much, and the sound choice in general could be a little better.

It makes me think of an old NES or SNES game, though, I nostalgia'd all over myself.

NeverHundred responds:

A got a lot of criticism in my audio class about panning. I'm kind of an all or nothing sort of guy when it comes to that. And you should know by now that I'm huge into the eighties and early nineties synth sounds.

As for that panned too far to the left the only advice I can give is flip your headphones around.

Complexity Complex Complexity Complex

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

You have lyrics and there's obviously meaning to your words, which is a nice change of pace, especially on this site. Your flow is often hit and miss on your songs, though. Some times you're right on target and you're on beat for a couple bars, but then you try to rhyme something with too many syllables and it just falls apart for a few bars until you get back on track. It also sometimes just sounds like you're talking and it happens to rhymes sometimes, and I'm not referring to the chorus.

Over all, though, I think you definitely have potential as an MC, once your flow improves a little more (and it will, no doubt) and you learn to be a little less emotionless with your voice you will be a force to be reckoned with.

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Pissing from my asS Pissing from my asS

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I'm not entirely sure what to think of this, to be honest.

The beginning sounds kind of like organized chaos, if you get what I mean.

The main melody from about :30+ is quite... whimsical, I like it, but maybe it could do with another synth layered over it. As it is, it sounds kind of dull.

I like the drums and sound choice, too. It all fits together really well.

GodBlock responds:

Hi there

It's very early in production so far, the beginning is what happened when I turned the bass line into another synth and just came out that way. I was really just playing about with drums on this and I liked the sound of them so I stuck any old bass line over them and tried to quickly wrap something up to release.

I'm glad you like the drums as that was really the point of this, I should be releasing another version soon most likely with a completely different bass line and a lot more production.

Glad you enjoyed it though and the review is very welcome thank you.

Edit : I've re-uploaded this now if you're remotely interested you can hear it here n/384074