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2012-12-25 23:32:34 by Sinitech



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2013-01-03 03:49:44

Been making a few updates to the song, I scrapped the stereo separating that was causing the panning. I've softened the snare and clap. Also added some extra bass. Hopefully it sounds a little more enjoyable now.

Sinitech responds:

It sounds much better actually, in my opinion, but I didn't think it was bad in the first place, just those couple of things that kind of bothered me. The snare and clap actually sound just slightly too quiet now, but it could just be me. I don't consider myself any sort of expert on the subject, as far as I know nobody has ever critiqued the mixing or mastering in my music, though I'm sure it's all very loud and deserving of much ridicule.

I do really like the sound choice and melodies, though, it's much more creative and generally more "organic" than the things I'm capable of producing.


2013-01-04 11:15:09

doodel on mah doodie

Sinitech responds:



2013-01-04 11:44:40

He's got everything all set.
Craziest guy you've ever met!
Watch out, here comes the Siniteeeeeech!

Sinitech responds:

Sinitech would never show up.


2013-01-05 07:31:55

I'd watch that show, NeverHundred.

Sinitech responds:

Am I the only one that always clicks "Respond" a second time when trying to submit a response?


2013-01-08 01:47:52


Sinitech responds:

Fucking Newgrounds changing it's shit it's BULLSHIT FUCK THIS WEBSITE I QUIT